The LDD database file includes definitions for the various LEGO elements (bricks, plates, etc.) and for what LDD calls "decorations", which are textures (images) that can be applied to an element. Many people choose to customize their rendering by replacing the built-in textures with one of their own.

Instead of modifying the LDD database file, Blueprint and Bluerender will allow you to override items in the database with a simple hack:

  1. Create a folder named "db" in the same folder where your db.lif is located.
  2. Insert your custom file there using the same path nomenclature that the database file uses. For example textures are under "Decorations"

When the database is searched, it will use your custom items instead of the default ones.

Example: Replace a decoration Edit

If you use LDD decoration 99770 in your model but want to replace it with your own custom image, you copy your image to this file path: